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About Decision Easy

Tanya Harris - Director
Ageing in Place Australia Pty Ltd trading as Decision Easy is a private company owned by two qualified, registered and practising architects, Wim van den Herik and Tanya Harris. Together, we have a combined design and construction experience in the Aged Care industry of over 35 years. Through Decision Easy we are able to take that knowledge and experience to help seniors remain in their own homes by planning ahead and making affordable, well thought out changes to their properties.

As well as our professional associations it was through our own personal experiences with older family members, that we came to recognise the need to provide people with information about their own homes' advantages, disadvantages and potential in relation to their own needs. Decision Easy gives older people and those people with a disability a choice to stay in their own home and not be forced to move by circumstances beyond their control.
Wim van den Herik - Director

Renovating and making changes can, in many cases, be far cheaper than relocating to an unfamiliar environment and should be considered as a real alternative to moving.

By having the relevant information laid out our clients can understand their options an make decisions from a position of knowledge rather than confusion.

The Home Inspection Service we offer gives relevant, accurate, current Architectural information at a fraction of the cost. The information we provide is is specifically tailored to personal needs and situations.

In the commercial arena we have many years experience in the design and modification of a wide range of projects specialising in access requirements and compliance. The Implementation Guide we have created in designed to assist in translating the requirements of AS1428.1-2009 in practical and accurate built environments. The concept for this guide arose from our experience in dealing with the building industry at observing the misinterpretations of the Standard over a number of years.

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