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Access and Independent Living


Access to and around the home on a day to day basis is a number one priority for most people and as such this forms one of our most important inspections. As we get older some day to day tasks can become increasingly difficult and what many people don't realise is that your home design, fitting and fixtures can either help with daily routines or hinder them.

Crucial areas of the home can be made accessible without looking institution and can enhance independence and safety within the home.

Independent Living

Our Access and Independent Living inspection not only covers items of access and mobility but also looks at all those issues that allow you to control and regulate your home environment consistently and easily.

Independent Living also relates to issues of financial independence and control of your lifestyle. The choice of fixtures fittings and materials that are durable and sustainable all effect long term independence and are make up an important aspect of this audit.

Knowing how to make you home accessible and enhance your independence as you age will allow you to plan ahead and make changes over time to suit your needs now and in the future while maintaining an attractive and inviting home.

Topics included in this inspection are:-

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  • Access and Mobility
  • Movement around the Yard
  • Pathways and Ramps
  • Steps and Stairs
  • Room Circulation
  • Storage
  • Operation of Doors and windows
  • Operating Lights
  • Access to Bathroom and Kitchen Facilities
  • Bench Heights
  • Controlling Temperature
  • Environment Management
  • Financial consideration and selection of fittings and materials
  • Organise your inspection

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