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Building Solutions

The Next Step

Ok so you have had a Recommendations Inspection done and you have reviewed your options and
decided that if plan ahead and make some changes to your home you will be able to stay in
your home as long as you choose so "Where to from here, what now?"

Decision Easy can show you how to go about making your chosen renovations by providing you with Building Solutions Report which clearly sets out the requirements in further detail.

This report expands on the issues raised in the Recommendation Report and provides diagrams and dimensions showing you how to translate the requirements into your home design or renovation.

Depending on the level of changes you decide to make this report can also be used as a brief or specification, which you can then give to your architect, builder, building designer or tradesperson.


Decision Easy is establishing a network of reliable trustworthy Architects, Designers, Builders and Trades people across the country and can assist with referring you to the people you need to complete changes to your home from the minor through to major renovations. Our network of contacts are familiar with Ageing in Place principles and can assist you with making your home more suitable.

Support and Advice

Decision Easy can offer you ongoing support and advice during the renovation of your home and also provide specific milestone inspections during the modification phase.

This ensures that any modifications are correctly carried out to achieve the desired outcomes.

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