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Stay safe, secure, comfortable and independent.

Information is the key.

How you live in your home and how your lifestyle will change as you age is unique to you.

Deciding if your home will remain suitable in the future and deciding what changes you can make to make it more suitable are choices you can only make with the right information about your home.

The place to start is with your home.

  • Do you want to stay in the home you are in?
  • Will it be suitable?
    Can you make changes to your home to make it more suitable for your future needs?
  • What would be involved in making these changes?
  • Would making these changes be a better option than selling up and moving; financially and emotionally?

The Decision Making Tools

  • Maybe you home already suits your needs and there is little or nothing you need to do, 
  • Maybe there are minor renovations you can do that will make a big difference,
  • Maybe you will decide to do major renovations and transform your home. 
  • Or maybe you will decide your home is not suitable and move. 

Our Home Inspection Service provides you with the information that you need to make the right decision.

As everyone is different we offer a range of different inspections tailored to your needs.

Safety and Security Access and Independent Living
Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability Social Interaction and Recreation 
Recommendation Report Building Plan Review