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Implementation Guide (Hard Copy + Delivery included)


The diagrams in the Guide are presented in a 3D format to assist with the clear understanding of the information conveyed and to help users visualise the three dimensional nature of the access and mobility requirements.

Text, table and information shown on Figures in the Standard have been translated into individual diagrams in the Guide. 

Each of the 32 different circulation spaces included in this table have been translated into individual diagrams clearly demonstrating the dimensions required for each circumstance. All text and tables drawn. All Diagrams referenced to Clauses in the Standard Each diagram clearly indicates which Figure 
or text in the Australian Standard it relates to for quick and easy cross-referencing and indexes at the back of the Guide list which Diagram relate to which parts of the Standard.

Each diagram refers to specific elements include in AS1428.1-2009 but these elements are not shown in isolation in the Guide. Elements are shown in a built environment context to highlight the surrounding factors that need to be taken in consideration when designing and constructing accessible facilities.

The three dimensions of the space requirements in the Standard are illustrated through the use of a 3D translucent envelope, clearly indicating the clear space required for access and mobility.